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I don’t know who taught me to speak with truth
Who trained me in the music of emotion
I rejoice that I don’t have the emptiness of being without love
That I thrive in the pleasure and feel of it
I declare that life without purpose is empty of true living
That there are indeed layers of existence
Where I am; is it luck or blessing?
Is it a bare truth or a secret of the universe?

My powerful spirit is beyond my feeble mind
My fabulous body is a mystery even to my own tenacity
Even if I never get to the point where spirit meets human
I hope I come close
I marvel at everything around me
The little things and big things
Each have a special purpose
Each have a special purpose
Each have a special purpose

Praise God!

She has a kewpie doll

Honey blonde hair

She adorned it with a tight dress

And gave it some ugly ill-fitting shoes

But she would tell it everyday how beautiful its hair was

Love is a fool

A fool to the pain

Wise in the folly

Pure, unpolluted

It calls on its family

And speaks beautiful tales

Laughing with open mirth

Love is a happy fool


I pick up these torn clothes

And start sewing them back into place

I start



I push back the tears

I steady my hands…


Despair drowns the hope from the morning prayer

Like vomit it fills my head and darkens my spirit


With black sockets, I shall look down

Limbless, mindless; I shall sit back and wait for You

Only my heart and soul breathing…

What do You want?

Even as You break me, my spirit longs to love You

You show mercy, protection – and this I fear

I will love You

And we will get through this

Thank You…

Remind me to thank You…everyday…

You called the pigeon ‘Dove’

But I’m sure she liked it

Basked in the sound of your voice and warmth of your feeling

You called the bird ‘a Dove’

In your excitement it didn’t matter

If it was white or grey

It stood for you in the sun

Take a picture

Few would find such pleasure in simples

Few have seen what really matters

So I begin

A journey where there is no end

No retreat

Soldiering on, in my very own army

Fighting for me, to be me

I will talk to the wind

and pray that it knows the way

so we can find my heart and soul

and rejoice with others who live in the sky

So I begin

Come with me if you can

…you just need to know how to fly.